Funding Schemes administered by AQS
Teaching Development and Language Enhancement Grant

The Teaching Development and Language Enhancement Grant (TDLEG) is allocated by the University Grants Committee (UGC) to all UGC-funded Universities to enhance teaching quality and language proficiency of students. More details of projects conducted by the University can be found in the University’s TDLEG website.

Special Funding Scheme for
Online Learning

The Special Funding Scheme for Online Learning was approved by the Senate Committee on Teaching and Learning to provide timely support to online teaching in Term 2 of 2019-20.

Funding Scheme for Virtual Teaching and Learning

With the allocation of a one-off Special Grant for Strategic Development of Virtual Teaching and Learning (VTL) by the University Grants Committee, this funding scheme is established to engage teachers, departments and faculties to further develop and explore VTL.

Funding Scheme for Initiatives on Internationalization of Curriculum

A Conceptual Framework on Internationalization of Curriculum was developed in 2016 to facilitate internationalization of curriculum (IoC). To encourage front-line participation and development of good examples on IoC, this funding scheme was set up in 2020 to support worthwhile initiatives to develop collaborative course(s) with non-local partners; and/or activities that facilitate IoC.

Funding Scheme to Enhance Student Engagement and Address Student Learning Needs

This funding scheme was first launched in August 2020 to better engage students in learning and address student learning needs for quality teaching and learning in the 2020-21 academic year when teaching activities are conducted online. Apart from supporting students’ learning with virtual teaching and learning (VTL) elements, the Scheme is also targeted to strengthen the support to students with special educational needs, and to help first year students to overcome challenges in their transition from secondary to university education, etc.

Funding Scheme for Development of the
Credit-bearing Service Learning Programme

The Funding Scheme for Development of the Credit-bearing Service Learning Programme (CSLP) is established with the specific purpose to encourage units to develop formal courses or other non-formal campus service opportunities for implementation of the CSLP, and models or framework in support of the long-term development of CSLP.

Funding Scheme for Engaging Postgraduate Students in Teaching and Teaching Development

This funding scheme was first established in the 2019-22 triennium to encourage students to take ownership of their learning, and aims to involve postgraduate students as partners in teaching and teaching development. Postgraduate students can gain valuable experience through teaching and supporting the implementation of teaching development initiatives of the teachers.